Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing

Medstock | Thin Hydrocolloid


Medstock Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing is an effective solution for managing wounds with nil to low exudate. Its elastic, pressure-sensitive adhesive design makes it suitable for use on most body parts.  Embedded hydrophilic carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) granules help to maintain a moist environment that promotes wound healing.

    • Swells in the presence of exudate, forming a gel which maintains a moist wound healing environment
    • Waterproof barrier protects wound from microbial invasion
    • May reduce pain by keeping exposed nerve endings moist
    • Facilitates autolytic debridement of wound
    • Excellent elasticity which provides comfort and flexibility, even over highly mobile areas like joints
    • Gentle on removal, protecting newly formed tissue
    • Suitable for wounds with nil to low exudate
    • Preventative management and treatment of stage I and II pressure injuries
    • Abrasions and grazes
    • Small, superficial to partial thickness burns
    • Shallow ulcers where low exudate exists
    • Skin grafts, donor sites and surgical wounds
    • Suitable for necrotic wounds to rehydrate and facilitate debridement
    • Do not use on infected wounds or full thickness burns
    • Do not use if known allergy to hydrocolloid dressings
    • If reddening or sensitisation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician