Medium Weight SMS Isolation Gown

Medstock | Isolation Gowns


Medstock Medium weight tri-layer SMS full back isolation gown is designed for use in minimal fluid settings.

    • Material Specification: 39g/m2
    • Components:
      1. Spunbond/Meltblown/Spunbond, commonly known as SMS is a tri-laminated non-woven fabric
      2. Tie-on: Neck and waist
      3. Wrist Options:   Elastic
    • Multiple Colours: White
    • Sizes: Universal
    • Offers an unbeatable combination of protection and comfort
    • Product Performance (Material)
      1. Breaking strength (dry state): ≥ 20N
      2. Breaking strength (wet state): ≥ 20N
      3. Water-Proof Property AQL 4%: Spray Impact ≤ 1.0g
      4. Static Hydrostatic Resistance AQL 4%: ≥ 20 cmH2O
      5. AAMI Level 2 Protection on Fabric (AAMI - Association Advancement of Medical Instrument)
    • Sterilisation: Non-Sterile
    • Designed for use in minimal fluid settings