Kidaroos Silicone Plasters

Medstock | Kidaroos Silicone Plaster


Innovative, kid-friendly plasters perfect for healing young skin

Medstock Kidaroos silicone plasters combine advanced healing technology with fun creative design, making them the ideal choice for treating minor wounds in young children and infants.

With their state-of-the-art silicone gel construction, Kidaroos plasters sit securely over wounds, but can be removed without causing pain or damaging young, sensitive, fragile or allergic skin. They allow the skin to breathe, while creating a barrier against moisture and bacteria. Plus, they maintain their adhesive quality even after being moved or lifted multiple times to check healing.

Fast, easy and effective care for children’s minor wounds

Treating wounds in children presents some unique challenges. Smaller wounds in hard-to-reach places can make it difficult for dressings to fit snugly. Dressings must be comfortable to stop kids fiddling with them, as well as strong enough to cope with energetic young bodies.

Children are more sensitive to dressing changes, which can make them painful and traumatic. Medstock Kidaroos plasters are specifically designed to solve these issues.

High-performance plaster strips engineered for kids

Unlike most plaster strips, Medstock Kidaroos are custom-built for delicate, sensitive young skin. The Kidaroos difference includes:

  • Cutting edge silicone adhesive technology
  • Waterproof backing to protect wounds from water, bacteria and foreign material
  • Breathable design to aid air flow to healing skin
  • Absorbent, non-adhesive pad that helps stop bleeding
  • Secure adhesion to maximise wear time
  • Conforming design to fit young bodies
  • Fast, easy and painless removal
  • 2 sizes ideal for families with children of different ages.