Transparent Foam Island



Medstock Transparent Foam Island dressing consists of a highly absorbent foam pad that contains carboxymethyl cellulose hydrophilic granules that contribute to wound healing. This is placed under a highly permeable waterproof polyurethane film.

    • Transparent and waterproof
    • The polyurethane film is extra thin, highly permeable, soft and highly elastic
    • Waterproof
    • Prevents bacterial invasion and accelerates wound healing
    • Moderate - Highly absorbent
    • Slight debridement function as exudates diffuse into the inner layer of the dressing
    • Reduces risk of maceration to wound
    • It is non-adherent to the wound preventing damage to tissues
    • It has a water-lock in function that maintains moisture for wound healing
    • It is soft, elastic and comfortable on the skin
    • Its adaptable to different phases of wound healing, especially to moderate to heavy exudate wounds
    • All depth ulcers
    • Partial to full thickness wounds with low to moderate exudate
    • Partial thickness burns