Alginate Dressing



Medstock Alginate is a non-woven, absorbent wound dressing that is derived from seaweed.

    • Good absorbency and gelation capacity
    • Viscosity coefficient >800cp Ash<0.5%, fibre denier: 1.5D, strength: 1.5g/D Elongation>10%
    • Water absorption ≥ 10, bacteriostasis ratio > 80%
    • It is the mixture of natural seaweed and Calcium ion, and has good biocompatibility
    • Gel could be formed when the dressing absorbs exudate and blood, it could protect the wound area and promote the wound healing
    • The dressing has excellent absorbency, it is soft and comfortable
    • Release of Calcium ion could activate prothrombin and could stop bleeding effectively
    • No adherence to the wound, it will protect the nerve terminals, reduce pain and easy to be peeled off
    • Maceration of the skin around the wound will not occur
    • It is biologically degradable and environment-friendly
    • It is soft and can be used to fill the wound
    • All kinds of moderate and heavy exudated wounds
    • All kinds of acute and chronic wounds haemorrhagic wounds
    • All kinds of difficult healing wounds such as leg ulcer, bedsore, diabetic ulcers, Post-operative wounds of tumour and abscess
    • Skin-donor sites
    • All kinds of lacuna, antrum wounds, post-operative wounds of cavity sinus, exodontia