Super Absorber

Medstock | Super Absorber


Medstock Super Absorber Dressing is scientifically engineered to absorb and retain large amounts of exudate while maintaining a moist environment. This soft, comfortable dressing creates a slightly negative pressure which increases blood perfusion to the wound and accelerates healing. Being super absorbent, fewer dressing changes are required, leading to cost savings and less trauma to healing skin.

    • Medstock Super Absorber is designed to continuously absorb excess exudate away from the wound surface. This creates a negative pressure gradient, which helps to:
      • Promote healing and reduce infection risk by stimulating entry of new blood vessels, leucocytes and fibrocytes into the wound
      • Reduces the risk of maceration by drawing exudate and inflammatory products away from the wound
      • Absorb and retain moderate to very high levels of exudate
      • Alleviate oedema and avoid maceration of the wound surface
      • Reduce the frequency of dressing changes
      • Reduce scar tissue formation
    • This hypoallergenic and breathable dressing is also designed for easy removal to protect fragile healing tissue.

    • Suitable for wounds with moderate to very high exudate
    • All types of dermal ulcers (pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers and mixed aetiology ulcers)
    • Skin grafts
    • Pressure injuries
    • Partial thickness to full thickness burns
    • Highly exuding surgical wounds and traumatic wounds
    • Secondary dressing over cavity wounds
    • Generally, not suitable for dry or low leaking wounds
    • Do not cut Medstock Super Absorber
    • If reddening or sensitisation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician